April is World Autism Month and Thursday 2nd April is the 13th annual Autism Awareness Day.

The day is usually marked internationally by thousands of famous landmarks, buildings, homes and schools Lighting Up Blue in recognition of all the wonderful people with Autism in our communities right across the world.

Autism is a complex developmental condition, which affects the way a person communicates and interacts with other people and the world.  People with Autism see the world differently, and can often notice things that other people might miss, like sounds, smells and light.  This can sometimes make the world around us overwhelming for people with Autism.

April is the month used to promote understanding and acceptance of Autism.  There are lots of ways we can all work together to make our communities a more welcoming for people with Autism.  Lots of supermarkets and public places have designated Autism Friendly times, when they turn off music and sounds, dim the lights to become quieter and less overwhelming.  But more importantly, we can all work to be kind and more understanding, and make the world around us a more welcoming place.

As I Am (https://asiam.ie/) is Ireland’s national Autism charity and advocacy organisation.  Founded by Adam Harris, they are working to build an inclusive and understanding society for all by providing support for people with Autism as well as for communities, schools and business. (*attached As I Am” Pocket Guide to Autism”)

This year as we can’t celebrate as a school community, we have put together a short video from An Crann Óg classes to celebrate World Autism Day.

Please see the following attachment – A Pocket Guide to Autism