Environmental Awareness Day with Aengus Kennedy from Nature North West

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Woodland Day in Ballyare Woods with Aengus Kennedy of Nature North-West

The two sixth classes went with guide Aengus Kennedy of Nature North West to Ballyare woods for a woodland day. Aengus explained about biodiversity and the woodland as a habitat. We explored and identified different species of trees within the woods both native and non-native species and how non-native plants or animals can effect a woodland.  We discovered what other types of plants live in a wood and how they have adapted to the darker conditions set by the trees. We hunted for mini beasts and investigating the role of mini beasts in recycling the leaf litter

We found many badger sets and discussed which were in use at the moment and how they can move homes.

After lunch we investigated the 4 layers of a woodland. We measured out an area and marked it out with flags. We recorded the flora within this area and repeated this for each layer of the woodland. When we came home we recorded our results onto barcharts. It was a great day. Thank you Aengus!


Fourth class water cycle pictures

Third Class recorded the weather by using:

  • a thermometer to record the daily temperature
  • an anemometer to measure the wind speed and
  • a rain gauge to measure the rain fall