Calendar of Holidays for Year 2019/2020

 Return to school: Monday 2nd September 2019.

Halloween Holidays: Closing Friday 25th October, re-opening Monday 4th November 2019.

Christmas Holidays:Closing half-day Friday 20th December 2019. Reopening on Monday 6th January 2020.

February Mid Term: School closed Thursday 20th and Friday 21st February. Re-opening on Monday 24th February.

Public Holiday: School closed Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th March.

Easter Holidays: Closing half day Friday 3rd April. Re-opening Monday 20th April.

Public Holiday: Closed Monday 4th May.

Public Holiday: Closed Monday 1st June and Tuesday 2nd June, reopening Wednesday 3rd June.

Summer Holidays: Closing half day Friday 26th June.

Dates to remember:

Parent/Teacher meetings: November 14th- closing 12:30pm.

Primary Language Curriculum training day: Closed Monday 9th December.

Confirmation: Saturday 1st February @ 12pm.

Communion: Saturday 16th May @ 11am.