St Patrick’s N.S., Lurgybrack, was built in 1927. At that time, it was a rural school in the true sense of the word, serving the local community. In 1927, there were 2 members of staff, a Principal and an assistant teacher.

As time went on, new development in the area brought a new school population which in turn increased the number of staff to six. In 1982, an extension was built consisting of six new classrooms. The enrolment at the time was 184.

More housing and the continued growth in Letterkenny increased the school population yet again and new temporary accommodation was added.


After a long struggle with the DES, approval was given for an extension. Work commenced in January 2012 and we moved into the extension in 2013. During the project the 1927 building was demolished to make way for a Staff Car Park and the 1982 building was completely refurbished. Toady all temporary accommodation has been removed and teachers, parents and students are delighted with the school.

A new purpose built Autism Centre was built during 2015 and was occupied in September 2015. There are eleven pupils on roll with two teachers and six SNAs.

Today there are 25 permanent staff, including Principal, and an enrolment of 461 pupils. There are 9 SNAs in total in our school. We also have a full-time Secretary, Bridgetta and Gerard, our Care-Taker.