School Traffic

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I am writing to you in relation to our drop off and collection times, which are as busy as ever. I would kindly ask you to read this note carefully and examine the pictures provided. These arrangements must be strictly followed as they will help to ensure traffic continues to flow within the area of the school and children can be dropped off and collected safely.

Dropping children in the morning;

There is strictly no parking above the lower carpark (see picture A). The lanes running from the end of the lower car park all the way to the exit back on to the main road must be kept moving at all times (see picture B). Parents who do not need to accompany their children to the gate are asked to drop children in the left lane closest to the school and continue out the top exits on to the main road.

Parents wishing to park and accompany children to the gate must use the PAINTED spaces provided in the lower car park (see picture C) or park in off the main road above the school (see picture D). Parking on the opposite side of the road for pick up or drop off is strictly forbidden.

Parents coming down the hill towards Letterkenny looking to turn right into the school grounds are asked to consider going to the bottom of the hill and using the roundabout to come back up on the inside lane. Turning right from the middle lane is proving difficult at the busy times. Buses coming down the hill and turning right must be given right of way.

Please exercise caution when exiting on to the main road after drop off. I would ask everyone to consider if you can turn left on to the main road and make your right turn further up the road, rather than doing a U-turn coming out the school exit across the three lanes of traffic. If everyone exiting from the top of the school was turning left it would greatly improve the flow of traffic coming behind.

It has also come to our attention that people are using the Staff Car Park. However, this car park is strictly for staff only at all times.


Collection times;

The same arrangements apply at 1:40 and 2:40 as are listed above. At the moment the collection arrangements are working more smoothly than the drop off. Patience and common sense are still required from everyone, however, as we have a large number of children to get home safely within a confined space. Myself, Mrs. Daly or Mrs. Carr are at the front gate from 2:40 every day to ensure all children are collected.

Thank you for taking the time to read this note. We are all aware the challenges which the location of the school poses for traffic flow. If the arrangements listed above are followed carefully it will make a big difference to the flow of traffic and ensure children can be dropped off and collected safely.

Le gach dea ghuí,

A. Cheevers