The Soldiers

On Monday 28th September two soldiers from Finner Camp came to our school. They brought with them a booklet for caring for the flag, two Proclamations, they gave us one in Irish and one in English. The soldiers also gave the school the National Anthem. On one side there was the National Anthem in English on the other it was the National Anthem in Irish. Ms. Doherty organised the event. Two children in our class greeted the guests at the front gate – Seimì Browne and Hannah Hopkins. Ben Cassidy accepted the flag. I read out a paragraph of the proclamation. The soldiers explained lots of things for the event. It was very interesting. Everyone liked the event that morning. Katelyn 5th Class

On Monday 28th September, two soldiers from Finner Camp came to our school. They were very nice and they gave us the Irish Proclamation in Irish and English. They also gave us ‘The Soldiers Song’ in Irish and English. When they entered the school Seimì and Hannah greeted them into our school. On Monday morning the whole school went to the hall and one of the soldiers read the Irish Proclamation and Katelyn read the last paragraph. They gave us a tri-colour flag for our school, as well as a book about it for our class. Ciara 5th Class

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