6 th CLASS Drive-In Graduation

We are very much looking forward to honouring our 6th class pupils on Friday evening. The following are the arrangements which will apply for these events.

NB: It is vital that social distancing is practised at all times.

• Mr. Winston’s class graduation will begin at 6:30 pm, Ms. Doherty’s class event will take place at 7:30.
• Pupils are asked to wear their Lurgybrack uniform jumper for the final time. They do not need to wear the uniform shirt, tie or trousers. The idea is that they will remove their old school jumper during the ceremony and put on the new hoodie to symbolise their graduation from primary school.
• Parents are asked to drive through the front gate of the school into the front yard. Staff will be on duty to direct you around to the back yard.
• Once in the back yard, you are asked to wait until you are directed to a parking spot. Care will be taken to ensure all cars are 2m apart.
• Everyone is asked to remain in their car until we are ready to begin, at which point you will be invited by a member of staff to come and stand at the front of your car. Please wait until you are asked to get out of your car.
• The event will consist of a welcome from Mr. Cheevers, a blessing from Fr. Brendan, presentation of the graduation hoodies to the boys and girls, reading of a poem/reflection by a boy and girl from each class, a final word of farewell from Teachers/Mr. Cheevers. I would hope to be finished in 30 minutes.
• Once the ceremony is over, you will be directed to leave again through the front yard.

It is very important that social distancing is maintained throughout the event and especially when we finish.

If everyone could pray for the weather to hold that would be great! Get the child of Prague out!